About Us

Community Service     Personal Growth       Friendship           Fun

The Cyprus International Women of Today is a charitable organization that has three main purposes:    

  • Community Service
  • Personal Growth
  • Friendship

We exist to help our local area, to help women become better leaders, strengthen individual talents, and to provide friendship and networking, thereby connecting women in their communities and with their neighbors. We volunteer to raise money or donate time to local charities, we offer courses to learn new skills and we organise social events to get to know each other better, try new things and enjoy ourselves.

Our purpose and Mission Statement is to help women find fulfillment through friendship and support to each other, personal growth and community service .

Our monthly meetings take place usually on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

Besides our general meeting, we hold a variety of events to further our goals of Community Service, Personal Growth, and Friendship. More details can be found in our calendar of upcoming events. You can also join us on our facebook page.

Drop us an email to say you’d like to join us for a ‘try-out event’ to find out more about our events and projects.  We will then give you directions to the chosen venue.