Charity Projects

Cyprus International Women of Today passionately believe in making the world a better place by serving others in our community.

Listed below are the charities CIWOT had supported, as well as our current Priority Charity:


This season /2017-2018/ our priority charity is Cyprus Autism Association. The Association was founded in 1990 and is recognised by the state as a charitable association. It is a member of Autism Europe and the World Autism Orgnisation. Today the Association in Cyprus has four intervention centers: one in Nicoasia, two in Limassol and one in Paphos. The Association offers:

  • Day Centers for adults
  • Specialized treatments and education for pre-school and in school children.


One Wish One Dream logo

The Cyprus Association “One Dream One Wish” (Make a Wish) for cancer afflicted children was founded in November 1997 by a group of parents of children suffering from cancer, leukemia and other blood diseases.The Association focuses its activities on three main pillars: the fulfillment of the best wishes of the cancer afflicted children, the economic support of their families and the psychological support of the children and members of their immediate environment. Assistance is provided regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

The Association’s revenues come from membership fees and donations. It often launches fundraising campaigns and organises various events to collect money. 



Cyprus STOP Trafficking is a humanitarian organization which relies entirely on the work of volunteers. The organization is affiliated to ACEES (based in Geneva). The organization has been active since 2007, with NGO number 3535.

Cyprus STOP Trafficking main aim is to help victims of human trafficking by providing them with every possible aid: financial, medical, psychological. To this end Cyprus Stop Trafficking collaborate with the anti-trafficking office of the Police, with Social Services and other Government Departments as well as with other NGO’s. The way the organization works is:  to accompany victims to the various Government offices, to hospitals and doctors. Fund-raising activities: they rely on the sale of own publications, an annual dinner, the sale of raffle tickets and on the help of supporters and friends.



PA.SY.KA.F: The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends

It was founded in 1986 by a small but pioneering group of women, all of them had already experienced cancer in one way or another. Since then the organization is constantly growing. Nowadays PA.SY.KA.F assists with: Home Care service; Psychosocial Support Service; Transportation Service; Day Care Centers and has a well developed chain of Charity Shops.

You can click this link for an english pdf. presentation of PA.SY.KA.F.

If you want to help PA.SY.KA.F you can volunteer in their Charity Shops or donate your old but in good condition items.

Map links:

MAP for the Limassol shops 

Map for all the shops



The  Limassol Municipality Social Grocery Store is the means of survival for many families when there are not enough jobs to go round.  Every Friday families come who are in dire need of basic essentials such as flour, rice, beans  etc. to get them through the next week.

These families are all on the Municiplity’s register and they need our help!

Please bring groceries to the store.  If you have clothes that are no longer needed – please bring them so we can donate them to people who cannot afford clothes.  We need staples, in tins or packets, plus clothes and toiletries.

If you need help to deliver a large amount to donate which needs collection – please contact us at email:

How to get there:

The store is located in the St John’s district at the old nursery school on Trion Ierarchon Street (opposite Carrefour Express).  It is near Pefkos Hotel and just a few blocks due north of Lidl and the Water Board Museum.

You can bring items Monday – Thursday anytime between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Please see map: Municipality’s Grocery Store